Minimize Taxes

The tax implications of passing on your assets can be significant. A well-drafted will can help minimize the tax burden on your heirs. For example, a will can include provisions that distribute assets to your beneficiaries in a way that minimizes taxes or avoids them altogether. It can also help ensure that your assets are … Read more

Avoid Family Disputes

One of the most common reasons for family disputes after a loved one’s death is the distribution of assets. A will can help avoid these disputes by clearly stating your wishes and intentions. A will can also help prevent arguments among your children, by ensuring that each child receives a fair share of your assets. 

Emergency Will

You can use to make an emergency will because most basic Wills can be completed in under 15 minutes. Although writing a Will is often something we put off until we feel the time is right, there are some occasions when it becomes an immediate necessity to make ones will as quickly as possible … Read more