Blank Will Forms!?

This article discusses how to write your Will using blank will forms and free will forms. Many people look for blank or free will forms and templates on the internet, but is this a smart idea? How do you know a blank will form will ask the right questions and give the foundation you need … Read more

What is a Codicil?

A codicil is a legal document that modifies an existing will. But consider this: why waste money on a codicil when you can simply prepare a new, basic Will for a fraction of the price? Some firms specialize in single wills for persons with simple requests and limited assets. Writing a will is an essential … Read more

Deed of Variation

Deed of Variation is a type of deed that allows you to make changes Sometimes called an Instrument of Variation or a Deed of Family Arrangement. Within two years following a person’s death, this can be finished and distributed. It is used to modify or change the provisions of a deceased person’s Will for a variety … Read more

Enduring Power of Attorney

When you make a Will, your executors are the individuals you trust to care after your affairs after you’ve died; they’re probably the same people you’d trust if you were still alive but disabled. This could happen if you develop Alzheimer’s disease or are involved in a serious accident, in which case you should have … Read more