Deed of Variation

Deed of Variation is a type of deed that allows you to make changes

Sometimes called an Instrument of Variation or a Deed of Family Arrangement.

Within two years following a person’s death, this can be finished and distributed.
It is used to modify or change the provisions of a deceased person’s Will for a variety of reasons, although it is most commonly utilised for IHT or CGT purposes.

A Deed of Variation can only be used if: • everyone who is negatively impacted agrees; and • there is no reciprocity – no one gets rewarded for what they give up.

• A Gift With Reservation has no effect on any of the assets.
• If the change affects the rights of children or unborn children, a court order is likely to be required.
• To balance bequests, e.g., a brother and sister might be awarded different percentages of the residue but would wish to inherit the same amount through a Deed of Variation.
• To equalise wealth, for example, if a wealthy brother and a poorer sister are both left an equal amount of the parents’ estate, they may agree to change the percentages so that the poorer sister receives a larger share.
• Wealthy beneficiaries with children may wish to send their inheritance directly to their children in order to decrease their own IHT burden.

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Our legal team will draught all of the necessary legal documents to change the terms of the Will and re-direct the estate as agreed by all parties. If minors are involved, this will also necessitate the creation of a Trust.