Free Online Will Services

“There is no such thing as a free lunch,” as the adage goes. – We believe that this principle can be used to any service that provides free Wills.

Q. What’s the harm in having a free Will?

A. Essentially, a firm will provide you a free Will, but the cost of that Will will be buried in the fine print because the company offering the free Will will also act as your executor.

Q. What difference does it make?

A. This implies that when you die, they are free to take a percentage of your estate or charge whatever outrageous cost they choose for their services (or someone else’s!) — this amount is also deducted from your estate.

As a result, we advise against using any ‘Free Will’ service.

We don’t have any hidden clauses — allows you specify who you want to be your executors up front, and that’s how it stays.

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